Free…. right?



Very few are truly free. For me its a state of mind I haven’t yet achieved, but flirted with at times throughout my life so far. Just like with writing: sometimes the magic is there and the story writes itself. I personally believe its crucial to ascend to the next stage of self-discovery; or what we use to be as a society before the majority of us regressed in our development in some ways.

Why do we want to be free in this world?

What can we achieve once free from our own mental chains?

How many of us are truly free from these earthly bound restrictions?

Will you ever free of your past defining your present & future?

Is being lost within yourself true freedom?

Can we truly ever be free from man creation of time?

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Love in Ten Lines

Normally I’m not a fan of challenges when it comes to writing. However, when I got sent one in an area I felt need to improve my awful writing in my opinion; I couldn’t say no. Enjoy!

Love: Your suffocate me….

A love very familiar
Contagious tragedies, that’s love!

What kind of love?
A love constantly blossoming

I hate this love
I love to hate

Love: I see you!
You see me, Love

Love: I miss you!

Ambition… Right?

Do you have ambition?

Why do you have it locked away?
Do you know how to use it?
Will you free it?
Are you scared of it?

Do you want it to fizzle out?
Is that why you hide it?

Can you harness this inner power?
Is this why you seek other methods?

Have you lost it?
Does it still exist deep within your being?

Are you scared it’s going to burn out?

That you wont have time to use this spark?

Are you scared of what you’ve become?

Fearful of what the power done to others?

Don’t want to reflect on your inner encounter?
Yet want to become somebody else without it?
Deep down, do you desire to be the best version of yourself?
Does ambition need you or do you need ambition to live?

Do you have ambition?


Top 5 Clubs We Wish Were Still Open


What happened to the good ol’ days?  Whether it were the clubs, the music or just life in general!  Here we have captured our five favorite clubs that we wish were still open!

5. Atlantis

This club was notorious for a rotating dance floor above the water, but most importantly, a clear glass fishbowl that kept patrons warm during the winter line ups.

atlantis-ontario-placePhoto courtesy of BoomsBeat

4. Club Ménage

Long after being closed for over six years, Club Ménage is still known to be one of the greatest legendary clubs in the heart of Downtown Toronto!  Known for its “Wayback Playbacks” hosted by one of Toronto’s most recognized voices, Tony Monaco, Club Ménage has secured a title as one of the longest running Wednesday night parties in the city! Don’t be fooled, clubbers came here religiously and had no issue going to work or school with a hangover the next day.

SONY DSCPhoto courtesy of ClubbingWithUs

3. Paparazzi

Despite this club being in Richmond Hill, people from all outskirts of Toronto came…

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That your biggest fear/fantasy ….. right?

“Grandma’s cough, my biggest fear and fantasy
When I ain’t in her arms all I’m making is enemies”

When I look at society today, I feel alienated to extent to the choices of many things. In a sense, the whole “wow this amazing” feeling is gone for most things. As a matter of fact, recently I’ve been living more within myself which is very unlike an extrovert.  Its been an combination of exciting and frightening for the most part; going through the mind that is my personal deep mine. Searching for treasure which is memories & answers to the moments & questions I have.

That childish outlook I have of life seems to have an expiry date. Sadly I can’t seem to use it all the time anymore or risk making enemies in this toxic world. To the few that know, the passion still there and burning brightly. Yet, I’m aware of those trying to steal and put out this flame. Almost like a game of keep away, how long can I keep this fire burning before those that seek it blow it out?

It funny, the brighter the flame, the more I feel I can accomplish with my life. The tunnel of ones mine/d also becomes clearer and don’t lead to culdesacs. Yet when I let the flame almost fizzles out I’m lost & limited in the directions I can go. One thing that clear from the two methods is that a balance & proper management of how this flame is used will decide how I will unlock the secrets of this mine/d I carry around.

I don’t know how much time I have left like the rest you don’t know either. Yet, each new fantasy, question, fear, answer, etc. pushes me to discover & fulfill that desire or squash that bone chilling gut feeling. The clock always ticking down & that the scary part for me.

Ultimately, what sad is this exact process isn’t discuss openly among our society in face to face conversations. Were left to text, video chat, blog in my case, or suppress until we can’t hold no more. That decline in some area of life of human interaction with people is a result of this growing problem for some. Those that can relate or understand our problems I’ve felt been a crucial antidote in solving our personal mine/d. Yet one the other hand maybe its a sight of an evolution to a higher state were just realizing is possible….

“Because the internet, mistakes are forever
But if we f*@k up on this journey at least we’re together
Man, I wish I could go back and tell that kid it’s make-believe
Make ’em believe in themselves, people who needed my help
Feelings I felt, keeling myself
No one’ ever been this lost…. “


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