Your looking at me… right?

I’ll be honest I can’t relate a Gambino song to everything in my life or yours. Nonetheless, society once again reminds me of a moment we all experience on a daily basis, 1st impression. Its funny that we spend hundred to thousands of $$$ to impress people we may know or not. I’d be lying if I said that the majority of time the way someone dressed is usually how I associate how their personality is. Those life been known to throw curve balls with hipsters & posers. Point is, in those first encounters, we generally analysis the person appearance in under 30 seconds.

“Got money, but nothing is forever
Every time I’m out to buy a new sweater
By 211 I’ll be dead broke
I’ll be the homeless dude in a

I love clothes “

One of my favourite moments is when you catch their look of checking you out & making final judgement that second. But just like your resume & cover letter, your clothes’ job is to draw attention and do the “Hello” for you to your friends or strangers. To do that, your personality & understanding of your body should reflect on your choice of clothing.¬† Than again, speaking up and showcasing your personality to someone never hurts either. This is why I’m looking for my own personal tailor so that I skip saying “Hello” verbally and have it done visually.

I’m fly,



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