You are ready… right?

This thought come across my mind more often than not. Can we truly be ready?

School is suppose to prepare us to work right?
Practice is suppose to make us ready for the big performance?
Studying going to make us ready for the big test next week?
Getting through today means I’ll be ready for tomorrow?
All my previous relationships will prepare me for my next relationship/life partner?

Yet here I am chilling in my kitchen counter typing on my tablet making perogies while watching my hilarious version of the daily news about the internet, @Midnight (Its on comedy central @midnight *this is where YOU laugh to yourself* Monday-Thursday) not knowing of what future challenges I may have to face. Lately for me I feel that I’ve been itching to blog about countless topics but due to our of date technology of having an android phone running 2.1 android and the lack of $500 bucks to get the Nexus 5; that itch will need to be patience probably till Spring… wait Summer!!!

For me, this whole blog thing, I wasn’t ready for. I could of told you I pick a website, knew my layout, name of it and how I was going to customize it, etc. . Yet look at it!! So simple and lacks content due to being a new blog. Not to say all those points can’t be considered strengths in time. Look at some artists that have only released one album/novel yet have a huge following compare to other artists that release just as much content. Than again I’m hoping in time to develop a niche crowd of followers. However, don’t be expecting me to be using social media to promote my blog anytime soon. You my followers however can if you like it.

Nonetheless, relationships seem to be blossoming like their a virus going around in my area. I’m assuming that it because Valentine’s Day passed so people feel the pressure off. On the other hand, it could be the result of timing to ask someone out or a slowly building up of a relationship over a period of time (Think the Sims when you work hours seeing “+” signs  raise between two Sims interacting just to be able to unlock new interactions, so rewarding.) For me, catching feelings is just a part of life and the sooner you know how to deal with it or making it work for you, the better.

Than we attempt to do our research on the person, interact with them to the point where we ask ourselves “Am I ready _____ ?”.

If we have no regrets than this question should be easy to answer. Yet as the title illustrates, we all have a little bit of doubt inside of us. To put that into perspective, think about the time you flipped a coin or roll a dice to decide something. Your probably felt somewhat comfortable about your odds at you knew the outcome. The same sadly apply to relationships as well to an extend. We could train for weeks/months and build ourselves up to say were ready to put a label on the time we spend with that special person for the rest of the public to know. Only to see it crumble due to an outcome unknown created due to our partner response to our attempt of investment in them. Trust me, that reason will test your character more than job hunting and getting rejected for years will ever do.

Perhaps the only thing equal or worse than rejection is public humiliation or the death of someone close to you. The reason I said to an extend was due to the fact that humans are unique and for the most part, patterns can’t be understood without studying for an extensive amount of time. We may know how one quality someone possess based off understanding it through experience. Yet, combine that quality with the others that make up a person’s personality  in a different situation and you can acknowledge why relationships have become trickier for the majority of folks. For instance, how math is for some people doing BEDMAS.

Some people just don’t seem to be able to be optimistic nowadays and aren’t willing to take the risk as often unless odds are extremely on their side. Its the  kind of challenge that makes me not want to give up any time soon those. In fact, its understandable to say will never truly be ready for rejection as were so use to being given so much in society growing up. Just look at Valentine’s Day back in elementary school as a quick example. We can barely say were not spoiled regardless of which economical class were in as their a lot of things we take for granted to be normal in life.

Nevertheless, 850+ words later I still don’t feel I’m anymore a blogger or even a writer than I was a month ago. To be able to archive my thoughts all through a box into a virtual space seem cool. As for my advice to you, my readers, never stop learning and creating moments with yourself and others to enjoy whether your ready or not.

I’m lost,




P.S. – Damn you Audrey Plaza, Emma Stone, Kristen Carney, Gillian Jacobs, A.J. Lee, Jhene Aiko and Jennette McCurdy! #CelebrityCrushProblems


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