You’re going to share…. right?

Oh! You want privacy... right?

My crush got into a relationship?

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Still shocked I can have the whole “virtual relationship” with someone over on the other side of the world through a black bar the size of a crunch chocolate bar. Its almost seem impossible to believe that this kind of communication hasn’t been around for long. Yet, today its almost become the normal way of how we interact. Originally for instance, a small town before the huge advancement in connective technology I feel was a much better community than what you’ll find nowadays. One major reason is they maintain privacy much better than how most of us as a society do. They were also good at moderation.

Nonetheless, today’s world feels so much bigger because of the many worlds technology has allow us to create. Don’t believe me? Just look at how movies and television series today bring novels and old folk tales to life like we never believed was possible. For me, it may be the Suits, for others its may be Once Upon a Time, maybe your friend that addicted to the party lifestyle feel their living the Workaholics or The Boondocks experience. Than again it could be your neighbour struggling to decide if the Big Bang Theory is better than Community when you really know the I.T. Crowd is where it at. Who knows, you may be screaming in your head how did I forget to mention your favourite show!!!

Video Games in my books, is going be the next bit of technology to explode due to our growth and expansion in multiple fields. Its truly amazing what were capable of producing now a days! From the way we capture facial expressions to way we tell a story through music, pictures and no words. The future is bright for gamers and the line between reality and virtual is slowly getting closer to be blurred out!

Yet, is it possible that with so many options now, that were starting to realize we’ve become an over-sharing generation addicted to a drug of being notified up to the second? Can the only real way to achieve privacy be through giving up our social media identities? Why did we share so much information on these social media identities with others?

** Refresh & check Facebook **
Is there a cure?
** Refresh & check Pinterest **
Can we find a balance?
** Refresh & check Twitter **
Are we allowed to take a step back?
** Refresh & check Tumblr **
What was privacy again?
** Refresh & check Instagram **

I know I’ve asked you too many questions, but it to get you, the reader, thinking hopefully. But don’t stop there! Try to find an answer that your comfortable with, you’ll learn something about yourself. Got it? Mine was that I wanted  MYspace and privacy online to air out my thoughts in an environment where oversharing is accepting. On the other hand, if you’ve arrived at“K” for an answer, that really isn’t a suitable answer to all of life questions my readers. K?


I’m lost,




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