The Journey of a Walk

I’m traveling
Searching for something
I’m running
Something is chasing me
I’m falling
Chasing the existing
I’m dying
Existing due to struggling

(Read from bottom to top now)


Holding Grudges…. right?

I’m not a fan of all this resentment people hold for their ex’s in this era. From my experience, its a build up of bitterness that take the form of what our exes flaws are. As a result, the negative reminders end up being the hurtful daggers that pierce their confidence if strong enough. However, as humans we all know that perfection is something very, very few of us will ever achieve in our lifetime.  I’m firm believer that in order to succeed you got to accept your flaws and nourish them while refining your strengths. As a illustration, consider how you build a team for a task/sport/activity:

What kind of leader do you need?
How many members are required?
What is your Mission?
Which skills are required to make the team a success?
Is the team all on the same page and vision?

All these plus other factors are generally consider at one point of time for many leaders and companies during the process. Job interviews are something we can all relate to. Our resume are suppose to reflect who we are and our experience. Yet some of us lie to cover up our flaws in order to fit the built they seek and get ahead. But what about the people you live with; Surely the fact your family/roommates/your own bad habits hasn’t created negativity in your own life…. right?

Is it because they made an mistake that we can’t forgive them?
Do we not trust anyone to heal our wounds but ourselves?
Did we not reach our standard of expectation for the day?
Can we not escape these cycles we’ve created due to miscommunication?

In the end, these answers you may seek came to me through personally closure with oneself or the person the grudge is held on. We shouldn’t have to carry anymore weight than we need to in our respective lives. Some like the pressure, as they feel they’ll achieve their potential and surpass it this way. Others seek the answer to release them from this pressure to flourish.  Those a common theme with grudges is time either feed them or starve them. Your desire to grow and where your journey will take you will decide this.

“I can’t count the reasons I should stay…. one by one they all just fade away!” – The 88


I’m lost,



Your my guru… right?

If there were instruction of how to live an successful life, I feel those that didn’t know what to do with their respective lives would probably follow it. However, the factors that separate us and make us into the unique people we become is something truly to admire about life. On our personal journey through our daily lives we faced multiple challenges that we must overcome to continue our growth and ultimately shape our character. Throughout our travels and experiences we come across people of inspiration that present solutions we couldn’t imagine or challenges we’ve been craving to face. True enough, these people may not even be aware of this idolization we possess for them. In fact, what makes these people so special is what make us so special: the ability to observe and understand…..



I’m lost,