You’re Assuming…. right?

Witnessing a young child during my family’s annual strawberry picking to make jam brust into sprint of fearful tears yelling “Daddy” was oddly inspiring to this post. The mom not to my surprise walk patiencely behind with a little smiling smirk understanding what her child thought was happening. The child continue to assume the worst was happening & eventually fell in the attempt to catch papa. Little to the child knowing, the father was walking ahead to ask the tratior driver to wait another minute for his not so far family. Meanwhile the child was doing her best to stand back up, forgetting that she spill half the strawberries her mom & dad had help to pick the past hour. Regardless the child got back up & continue to yell Daddy while mom pick up her strawberries basket. Thankfully for the child the calling wasnt in vain as daddy was on his way back to carry the little tired spriniter the rest of the way. Ultimately dispelling that assuming thought of being left behind by her father to peace.