Top 5 Clubs We Wish Were Still Open


What happened to the good ol’ days?  Whether it were the clubs, the music or just life in general!  Here we have captured our five favorite clubs that we wish were still open!

5. Atlantis

This club was notorious for a rotating dance floor above the water, but most importantly, a clear glass fishbowl that kept patrons warm during the winter line ups.

atlantis-ontario-placePhoto courtesy of BoomsBeat

4. Club Ménage

Long after being closed for over six years, Club Ménage is still known to be one of the greatest legendary clubs in the heart of Downtown Toronto!  Known for its “Wayback Playbacks” hosted by one of Toronto’s most recognized voices, Tony Monaco, Club Ménage has secured a title as one of the longest running Wednesday night parties in the city! Don’t be fooled, clubbers came here religiously and had no issue going to work or school with a hangover the next day.

SONY DSCPhoto courtesy of ClubbingWithUs

3. Paparazzi

Despite this club being in Richmond Hill, people from all outskirts of Toronto came…

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