Free…. right?



Very few are truly free. For me its a state of mind I haven’t yet achieved, but flirted with at times throughout my life so far. Just like with writing: sometimes the magic is there and the story writes itself. I personally believe its crucial to ascend to the next stage of self-discovery; or what we use to be as a society before the majority of us regressed in our development in some ways.

Why do we want to be free in this world?

What can we achieve once free from our own mental chains?

How many of us are truly free from these earthly bound restrictions?

Will you ever free of your past defining your present & future?

Is being lost within yourself true freedom?

Can we truly ever be free from man creation of time?

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Love in Ten Lines

Normally I’m not a fan of challenges when it comes to writing. However, when I got sent one in an area I felt need to improve my awful writing in my opinion; I couldn’t say no. Enjoy!

Love: Your suffocate me….

A love very familiar
Contagious tragedies, that’s love!

What kind of love?
A love constantly blossoming

I hate this love
I love to hate

Love: I see you!
You see me, Love

Love: I miss you!