Love in Ten Lines

Normally I’m not a fan of challenges when it comes to writing. However, when I got sent one in an area I felt need to improve my awful writing in my opinion; I couldn’t say no. Enjoy!

Love: Your suffocate me….

A love very familiar
Contagious tragedies, that’s love!

What kind of love?
A love constantly blossoming

I hate this love
I love to hate

Love: I see you!
You see me, Love

Love: I miss you!


Ambition… Right?

Do you have ambition?

Why do you have it locked away?
Do you know how to use it?
Will you free it?
Are you scared of it?

Do you want it to fizzle out?
Is that why you hide it?

Can you harness this inner power?
Is this why you seek other methods?

Have you lost it?
Does it still exist deep within your being?

Are you scared it’s going to burn out?

That you wont have time to use this spark?

Are you scared of what you’ve become?

Fearful of what the power done to others?

Don’t want to reflect on your inner encounter?
Yet want to become somebody else without it?
Deep down, do you desire to be the best version of yourself?
Does ambition need you or do you need ambition to live?

Do you have ambition?


To a Great Love

You’re more than just a love
you’re a very special kind of love,
With a kind & thoughtful talent
for doing all you can
To bring the gift of happiness
and love to others’ days
And, Love, that’s why
you’re loved so much,
and in so many ways.

I’m lost but you guide me….



The Mighty Warlord


When we’ve obtained power beyond compare
What sort of world will we see before us?
No matter what this power means for me
My goal won’t change, I’ll keep pushing ahead
When we’ve obtained power beyond compare
What kind of world will we see before us?
Until we’ve changed the status quo
Until I can rule over all
Keep escalating to the zenith!


The Journey of a Walk

I’m traveling
Searching for something
I’m running
Something is chasing me
I’m falling
Chasing the existing
I’m dying
Existing due to struggling

(Read from bottom to top now)


I look, My I see You

I look into the water
I see you smiling back

I look into your eyes
I see your soul crack

I look into this gap
I see something shining trapped

I look for an answer
I see nothing but black

I look and seek potential
I see the ace planted


I see you break free
My look for an escape

I see your emotions erupt
My look painted thus disrupt

I see what you desire
My look passionately  catches fire

I see what you’ve become
My look says everything numb

I see, the smile,  flood
My look, I’m lost, *thud*


Innocent Feeling

I said too much
You were ok
I wanted to help
I wrote you a letter
Young… but innocent

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